Dutch supplier

Swissway is the first Dutch supplier of series produced boarding equipment. From our workshop in the North of The Netherlands we are providing a complete range of smart boarding equipment. Quality, communication and aftersales are based on a combination of Dutch production philosophy, experience, and smart design.
When you are working at Swissway, you are also working for the brands Cramm and Hydromar. Working at Swissway means that you meet different people, with different backgrounds. But we all sharing the same passion of quality. We all driving for the same goal: in the end we all want to exite our customers.

Swissway is part of SMI Groep

Established in 1980 in Dokkum, The Netherlands, SMI Groep is a family-owned business led by the Spijksma brothers. With a team of over 200 skilled employees, we specialize in the manufacturing of mechanical parts, components, and machines. You can find Swissways job openings at

Dutch language

Because our employees are mostly Dutch people, our job descriptions and privacy policy for employees is in Dutch. If you need a translation please give us a call: +31 (088)45 70 430.